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Exploring the 12 Prophets of Aleijadinho: a 3D visit

Germain Bazin points to the variety of Turkish-style turbans that, while establishing a unity, with all heads covered, presents a diversity – possible because of the different models for each one. The author points out the Renaissance engravings that disseminated such models, which range from the classic, properly Greek styles, with the laurels holding the hair, to the most extravagant ones, such as Habakkuk’s. Composed of four separate pieces, a repoussé fabric covering the neck and joined with a tassel above, by way of base, with a woven fabric suspended with a ribbon, holds a sort of beret crowned with a ball. Bows adorn the back of Ezekiel and Daniel’s berets, the latter without the tassel in the finish. Joel, Jeremiah and Jonah have similar turbans, with compressed fabrics suspended by ribbons and finished with a tassel.

Amos wears a hood from which his hair flows in multiple directions. Of Ezekiel, Bazin points out the reference medal made by Pisanello, of Jean VII, with a kind of front helmet, whose cloth covers the neck and above the fabric of the head with a tassel.