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Virtual museum? Virtual exhibition? Possibility to disclose knowledge by means of images and information to thousands of people around the planet? That is all we want and what the society needs!

The Science Museum of the University of São Paulo, in view of its network-oriented work, using all modes of interaction with the society to disseminate the exact and natural sciences, humanities, technology, and arts, accepted the challenge – unprecedented for this institution – to develop a virtual exhibition. This resource is still little explored in Brazil and is undergoing expansion in the world.

The choice of subject is always a challenge, especially when it refers to an institution belonging to a large university such as the University of São Paulo. All players in their respective knowledge areas have numerous and important issues to be explored. This is undoubtedly a fact.

In addition to the choice of subject, there is the issue of which technology to use, from the production of the image and its form of presentation, to the programming of the systems involved for the proper integration of images with the information. There are other issues to consider, such as the accessibility to the public (such as how the public is going to access the information/data) and many other important details to the exhibition’s success.

The choice of the Prophets, sculptures produced by Brazilian artist Aleijadinho – in 2014 we will have the 200th anniversary of his death, is justified by their importance in the Brazilian artistic context, portraying a historical period with a religious theme widely spread among the Western population. Moreover, this is a subject that allows the interrelationship between the areas of humanities (history, sociology, economics and communication) and exact sciences (computer science and mathematics) and the perfect opportunity to work the inseparability of the university extension, such as teaching and research. The information made available by the texts that make up the site and accompany the exhibition, as well as the manner in which they were aggregated into the presentation, are the result of surveys carried out by Professor Percival Tirapeli (IA-UNESP), thoroughly discussed with Professor Marina Mitiyo Yamamoto (FEA-USP), Professor Christina Rizzi (ECA-USP), and doctoral student Alena Rizi Marmo Jahn (ECA-USP).

The exhibition structure, discussed by the group, undoubtedly has permeated the three important areas of university – teaching, research and extension – bringing a unique experience for its members. The technological issue, related to the digitization and production of 3D material, developed by Professor José Fernando Rodrigues Junior (ICMC-USP), was an extremely fruitful opportunity. Professor Junior was in the process of developing a digitization project of the works of Aleijadinho. Happy coincidence or pure chance, it does not matter. The point is that the participation of the Professor, with the results of his research, did much to enrich the exhibition.

I thank the team for the efforts of all who accepted the challenge of navigating in troubled waters, and who persevered so that the project could finally reach this stage when it can be chared with the society.

I am sure that all who visit this exhibition will have a unique learning experience.

Marina Mitiyo Yamamoto, PhD (FEA-USP)

Science Museum Director

Exploring the 12 Prophets of Aleijadinho: a 3D visit

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Meet the team behind the project.


Marco Antonio Zago

Vahan Agopyan

Pro-Rector of Culture and University Extension
Maria Arminda do Nascimento Arruda

Pro-Rector of Graduation
Antonio Carlos Hernandes

Pro-Rector of Post-graduation
Bernadete Dora Gombossy de Melo Franco

Pro-Rector of Research
José Eduardo Krieger


Pro-Rector of Culture and University Extension
Maria Arminda do Nascimento Arruda

Adjunct Pro-Rector of University Extension
Moacyr Ayres Novaes Filho

Adjunct Pro-Rector of Culture
João Marcos de Almeida Lopes

Office Technical Advisor
José Nicolau Gregorin Filho

Office Technical Advisor
Rubens Beçak


Marina Mitiyo Yamamoto

Deputy Director
Guilherme Andrade Marson

Léo Kauê Fonseca Oliveira Souza e Silva
Nilza Ferreira da Silva
Moisés Santana
Arthur Lovisolo (contributor)


Curatorship and Screenplay Research
Marina Mitiyo Yamamoto, PhD (FEA-USP)
Guilherme Andrade Marson, PhD (IQ-USP)
Christina Rizzi, PhD (ECA-USP)
Alena Rizi Marmo Jahn (Doctoral student in Visual Arts – ECA-USP)

Content research and text production
Percival Tirapeli, PhD (IA-UNESP)

Availability of 3D files
José Fernando Rodrigues Junior, PhD (ICMC-USP)